Company dynamics

Shunda Profile
2015-09-14 07:36:13 Shunda Profile
Shunda Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was started in 1988, with the head office in Shenyang. Shunda is the second to none large mining machinery private enterprise, which has machining factory, steel structure factory, smeltery, steel...
Shunda Plant Planning
2015-09-14 07:35:57 Shunda Plant Planning
The company covers an area of 240,000m and has more than 1200 employees. Shunda products in the three stages of the upper, middle and lower reaches are all from his hand. There are R&D center, foundry, laboratory, machine shop (lathe area, grinding ...
Shunda Equipment
2015-08-18 09:43:14 Shunda Equipment
"To do good work, must first sharpen his tools". Shunda production capacity remarkable from the equipment

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