screen box of YA Serise Circular Vibrating Screen

screen box of YA Serise Circular Vibrating Screen

Position: The screen box comprises a screen frame, a screen surface and a pressing device thereof.

Material: The screen surface of the vibrating screen needs to have a large bearing capacity, wear resistance and impact resistance. In order to reduce the noise and improve the wear resistance design, the use of the molded rubber strip, and the bolt is fixed on the screen plane. The upper layer screen surface with stainless steel frame screen surface, the lower screen surface using mesh weaving. The screen frame comprises a side plate, beam and other components. The side with a thickness of 6 16mm or A5 No. 20 steel. The commonly used circular steel tube, steel beam, steel or square steel tube manufacturing

Technics: The adjustment of the angle of the screen can be realized by changing the position of the spring support.

Production Poried: 40 days



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