vibration motor of GZT Vibrating Feeder

vibration motor of GZT Vibrating Feeder

Position: Directly drives the eccentric device, the power source and vibration source as a whole, the groove on the sides and the bottom is welded with reinforcing plate and beam. Both sides of the front and rear end are welded with a lug or end shaft, in order to meet the requirements of different installation methods

Function: Feeding process is the special vibration motor or two motor driven exciter drive feed tank along the inclined direction for linear reciprocating cycle to achieve, when to chute vibration of vertical component of acceleration is greater than the acceleration of gravity, in the groove of the material being thrown up and follow a parabolic trajectory leap forward movement, throw up and fall down in a moment, due to the excitation of the continuous excitation, to trough continuous vibration, groove in the coal continuous jump forward to reach to the purpose of material

Technics: Two of the exciter shaft with the same quality of heavy blocks and gear vice, by the motor by elastic coupling drives a main drive shaft, again by the driving shaft gear transmission to the driven shaft, make two shafts reversely rotate at the same time, and the vibration of the tank. Feeder with adjustable amplitude, but feeder vibration exciter in the factory were in manufacturing plant commissioning, users generally in use without re adjustment

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