ball mill cylindrical shell of MQY Overflow Ball Mill

ball mill cylindrical shell of MQY Overflow Ball Mill

Position: The cylinder is mill main body, is one of the main parts of the mill, the material is in the cylinder body by grinding the impact body and grinding and ground into a fine powder of

Function: When the cylinder is worked out, in addition to the static load of the grinding body, the impact of the grinding body is also affected. The cylinder is a thin walled cylinder, subjected to cyclic loading, and the long-term low speed continuous operation

Material: The tube body is welded with a steel plate of thickness 15-36mm, and the two ends of the tube are welded with a cast steel flange plate and the inner end cover is equipped with a liner

Technics: In the cylinder, there is a 1-2 personal hole, for the maintenance and replacement of lining board

Quality assurance: 18 months

Production Poried: 50 days

Characteristic: The cylinder body belongs to the non replacement parts, to ensure that the work is safe and reliable, and can be used continuously for a long time, so the metal material of the cylinder is required to be high, and the plastic is better, and it should have a certain anti impact performance.


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