impact mantle of Impact Crusher

impact mantle of Impact Crusher

Position: Fixed on the inner wall of the box body, divided into wear-resisting lining board, roller or slat type grate counter

Function: Under the impact of the plate hammer rebound material, causes the material to affected and broken, and will impact crushing material re bounce impact zone, again crushed the particle size of the product.

Material: A slot counter surface, the product of fine grain content is less, can improve the production capacity of equipment, energy saving. But there are some defects, such as complex structure, difficult to replace, wear, etc.

Technics: The shape of the hammer is closely related to the fastening method and the working load. The shape of the hammer is a lot of shape, T shape, S shape, shape, and the shape of the groove.

Rapid wear: Yes

Production Poried: 40 days

Charasteristic: Line and curve


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