crushing sectionof H Series Hydraulic Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher

crushing section of H Series Hydraulic Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher

Position: Broken wall is one of the main parts of the cone crusher, and called the dynamic cone, is fixed on the conical body with a conical head, fixed cone - cone liner plate, adjust the set; the movable cone - moving cone, moving cone lining plate, spindle

Function: The main part of the work of the cone crusher, through the stone of the extrusion of the stone to achieve the purpose

Material: ZG35/ZG45

Technics: Eccentric sleeve inside is installed with screw fixation of the high lead bronze bushings; the lower part of the bolted have big bevel gear and thrust bearings and the thrust bearing is forged steel parts, check thrust bearing for high lead bronze parts

Quality assurance: 18 months

Production Period: 60 days 


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