Main Shaft of PEF jaw crusher

Main Shaft of jaw PEF crusher

Position: The eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is the main shaft of the crusher, which is affected by the large bending torsion, the end of the eccentric shaft is arranged with a wheel, the other end is arranged on the flywheel.

Function: The main transmission device of the movable jaw movement.

Material: High-quality and high-strength forged steel 35crmo/35simo/35crmov/34crnimo/ZG35/ZG45/40cr

Technics: After many times of precision machining, heat treatment and inspection is made, so it has enough strength and rigidity.

Rapid wear: Yes

Quality assurance: 18 months

Production Period: 45 days

Characristic: If the shaft is worn very little, just to fix its geometry, it can be turned on a lathe, so that the shaft neck can reach the correct geometry, and then the bearing inner diameter can be reduced accordingly. But after several times of such treatment, if the shaft neck size is reduced to 5%, it is not allowed to turn, and should replace the new shaft


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