Frame of PEF Jaw Crusher

Frame of PEF Jaw Crusher

Position: Equipment main body

Function: Bearing the main parts of the equipment, determine the bay area is upper and lower openings of the walls of the rigid frame, used as support of the eccentric shaft and bearing the  reaction of crushing material

Material: Manganese steel

Technics: PEF jaw crusher`s frame body adopts casting and welding bonding process. Among them, jaw crusher`s chassis and frame are all steel welded structure, on the one hand it is easy to split transport, on the other hand the frame body is more durable. The front wall of the frame is provided with a fixed jaw plate with screws, and the left and right sides of the frame are provided with the upper protecting plate and the lower supporting plate which is also fastened by the screws.

Rapid wear: No

Quality assurance: 3 years

Production Period: 60 days

Characristic: In order to prolong its service life, its shape is designed as symmetry. when one head has been weared, we can change another head


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