North Korea 300T / H Zinc ore

North Korea 300T / H Zinc ore
North Korea 300T / H Zinc ore

Ingredients: lead-zinc

Location: North Korea

Yield: 300T / H

Particle Size: ≥600

Crushing production line equipment configuration: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen



It uses a wide range of lead and zinc, which used in the electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, lead and zinc metal in the nuclear industry, oil industry and other sectors also have more uses.

Lead-zinc ore extracted from the metal is late; zinc metal is blue and white, hardness 2.0. Zinc in nature, particularly in primary deposits is very closely, often symbiotic. Also adsorbed by manganese, clay and organic. The average content of lead in the earth's crust is about 15 × 10-6.

North Korea is temperate monsoon climate, the average temperature 8 ~ 12 ° C, the average annual precipitation 1000 to 1200 mm. Rich in zinc local resources.

According to the local climate and environment, and the overall nature of the ore crushing ratio, choice the three-stage crushing process and one closed-circuit, first choice of jaw crusher broken, secondary broken select cone crusher, screening equipment is circular vibrating screen to ensure smooth flow .

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