Russia 1000T / H Granite production line

Russia 1000T / H Granite production line
Russia 1000T / H Granite production line

1. Russia produced granite exports except Europe and Japan to other countries in the world.,which countries using to pave roads, squares and parks, or make long granite stone decoration for housing construction. Small portion can be used for concrete and concrete manufacturing.


2. Due to granite production areas in the northwest of Russia, the region's lowest winter temperature will reach minus 40 degrees, so the broken equipment having higher working capacity in cold is necessary.


3. The production requirements: production of 1200 t / h, feed size 0-1000mm, with 0-40mm size materials accounted for 15% -25%, 40-100mm and 100-750mm sizes accounted for 50%. The 750-1000mm size  accounted for 15%. The particle size requirements: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm, fine-grained rock which accounts for at least 60% -70%.


4. The local annual temperature that the maximum temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature is not lower than minus 50 degrees Celsius. Granite density is 2.64 and the above hard characteristics, we choose the following equipment, which includes plate feeder, jaw crusher, spring cone crusher, circular vibrating screen and Xi Liansi cone crusher.


Because of Karelia is located in the northwest region of Russia, located in the Arctic zone, winter minimum temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius, so our equipment of lubrication, fuel tanks and electronic control section make a special cold treatment, while in the site installation recommends customers install heating control division and air conditioning equipment. According to customer demanded material crushing ratio, in the matching the production line we use to fit cone crusher for the secondary broken and third broken, and according to local conditions designed a removable frame for the equipment.


At present, the production line has been officially put into use, achieving a good yield and product size which customer requirements. After put into use for a year without any operational problems, our devices achieved customer`s high satisfaction.


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