South Africa 1000T/H Manganese

South Africa 1000T/H Manganese
South Africa 1000T/H Manganese

South Africa 1000T/H Manganese

Ingredients: Manganese

Location: South Africa

Yield: 1000T

Particle Size: 1000mm

Device configuration: As shown

South Africa is high in the north and south of South Africa, with high and low terrain, with high mountains and mountains. The annual precipitation in the country is not more than 464mm, which is much lower than the world average precipitation 857mm. Therefore, the mining equipment and other large outdoor machinery and equipment of the region and the operation of the lubrication has higher requirements.

Production line Description:After stone blasting, collect a windrow. By the loading car put the stone that less than1000mm into the vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder evenly put into jaw crusher to crush stone for the first broken. After rough broken stone size is 240mm-480mm around. Next, these materials will be transported by conveyor belt into the spring cone crusher for the second broken. Then through the round vibrating sieve, some big stones will return to the spring cone crusher again, others will be sent to the third broken by spring cone crusher. This is the last link of broken process. This part of the finished material through circular vibrating screen classification screening. More than the finished material will back into the spring cone crusher broken again. Else meeting the requirements of stone will be transported by belt conveyor to the finished product area.

Then the meterial will be sent to the benefication stage.


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